Gaze is Ghost

Laura McGarrigle is a songwriter and composer for Gaze is Ghost . She is from Northern Ireland, currently based in Edinburgh. They have just released their new single 'Home', which you can listen to on Soundcloud.

I was very glad to be asked to work with Laura to create a cover for the single:

Gaze is Ghost by Katariina Leinonen-2.jpg

I must say I am pretty comfortable working with flowers and natural light, but usually (for my photoshoots) that combination occurs outdoors. I find working indoors somewhat challenging, having to take control over the limited environment and light available. Of course, working outside one's comfort zone is essential for learning, and I am very happy I got the opportunity to do that with Laura. The results were rewarding: we were able to create something that suits the cover well, and also fits my photographic ambitions.

Gaze is Ghost by Katariina Leinonen.jpg

After a rather heavy semester, the final semester of my degree, it was also refreshing to be taking pictures for something other than university assignments. It was refreshing to be thinking about photography outside the academic game. I am extremely happy with my final project, Close Encounters, despite all the pressures that can so easily stain the emotional experience of making a project that somebody will grade. It felt really good to be doing something for a real-life purpose, and not a number on a piece of paper. Of course that is a rather black-and-white representation of university projects, but I just feel elated about the prospect of finally being able to make photographs and projects simply because I want to.